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What is Biquini Island?

What started out as the sexiest trend in the hot, tropical climates of South America can now be found all over the world. After size, the second most striking feature of Brazilian Bikinis are the wonderful colors and patterns of the materials used that serve as the perfect compliment for all those rich golden tans so prized on beaches around the world. Simply put, a Brazilian Bikini is the hottest style in women’s swimwear.

Biquini Island

Biquini Island is The HOTTEST, SEXIEST and most sought after bikini brand in the swimwear industry. Biquini Island bikinis are hand chosen from the top designers at the most amazing beaches in all over Brazil.

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Biquini Island
“Meet the model citizens of Brazil…the hottest nation on Earth.
Heat stroke has never felt so good.”

Join us as we travel to the beautiful beaches of Brazil and find the most stylishly unique and sexiest bikini designs from Brazil’s top designers plus the sexiest bikini fashion models in Brazil.


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